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Quality of Execution is the premiere independent source for the "regular and rigorous" review of  order execution quality. 

Quality of Execution monitors all NASDAQ, Listed, and Options markets.

Quality of Execution's Trade Sentry product, compares orders and executions against real-time market data. Trade Sentry constantly monitors every order and execution. In this way, Trade Sentry polices your firm's compliance with the NASDR's Order Handling Rules.

Quality of Execution prepares reports per SEC Rule 11Ac1-5 and SEC Rule 11Ac1-6.

Quality of Execution's Exception Memo Module records and documents your firm's best efforts at achieving best execution.

Quality of Execution products serves broker/dealers in three very important ways:

  1. Assures conformance with the increasing strict regulatory requirements
  2. Saves money on costly price and trade corrections
  3. Improves the management and marketing of your firm's execution quality

Quality of Execution's Compare and Contrast Market Ranking tool allows you and your staff to see how each of your competitors is doing in the race to provide best execution.

Quality of Execution's Time and Sales Viewer puts vital time and sales information in front of anyone with a web browser. Authorized users will take advantage of the seamless integration of real-time market data into our monitoring and analysis workflow.

Historical data is also available at a fraction of the cost of alternative sources of information.

Quality of Execution goes beyond regulatory requirements to provide the securities industry with innovative, meaningful measurements of execution that assist firms in their competitive efforts. 

Quality of Execution offers both real-time or end-of-day monitoring and reporting. Clients who currently use alternate vendors can supply data to us in the same format at considerable cost savings. 

Quality of Execution is a data analysis and service company founded by Keith Aufhauser and Alejandro Heyworth. Both founders bring extensive experience from the technology and financial worlds to create a unique service company that appreciates and exploits the value of technology in enhancing business efficiency.


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Quality of Execution's Trade Sentry and Market Rank products can help you with your "regular and rigorous" execution monitoring and analysis.

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